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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re a PC gamer you know how critical the keyboard and mouse can be for gaming performance.

That’s probably why many of us prefer to use what is called a mechanical keyboard rather than the standard one that comes with most PCs.

Heck, that’s probably why we even offer our own customized keycaps for mechanical keyboards in the Gamer Bias shop. If you’ve never heard of a mechanical keyboard, or you’re on the fence about buying one, we’re going to try to help convince you with five reasons why you should.

Improved Typing

For many of us, mechanical keyboards just work better when it comes to typing speed and accuracy. As you can imagine, for video games that need precise input, this is a boon for gamers. Yet it isn’t just the typing that feels better but also the responsiveness of the keys and how the keyboard is interfacing with your computer.  

There is just a marked difference in the quality of the overall experience when using a mechanical keyboard as compared to others.


Customization isn’t just an aesthetic thing but also right down to how your keyboard works for you. If you want something that is easy to program or even industry-specific, mechanical keyboards are the way to go.

When you combine the programmable functions of a mechanical keyboard with a customized set of keys, you’re basically optimizing your gaming or workspace in a way that only PC players can.


Cheaper keyboards that use rubber domes underneath the keys tend to wear out over time. This results in the user inadvertently applying more and more pressure to the keys to compensate for this loss of functionality. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are more ergonomic or, in other words, easier on the fingers and wrists while in use.


A huge benefit to owning a mechanical keyboard is that they are often some of the most cost-efficient purchases a PC user can make. Trust us when we say this: If you’re the average user, your mechanical keyboard will likely outlast the PC for which you purchased it.

This dovetails into a hidden (sixth) reason why we love mechanical keyboards: More bang for your buck. If you’re a budget-conscious shopper that also likes to have the best, a mechanical keyboard is perhaps one of the only computer accessories that will last for years and years to come.


Last, but certainly not least, among the reasons why you should buy a mechanical keyboard is the customization options you get when it comes to the aesthetics and appearance of the board. One of the more popular (almost cliche, even) ways gamers like to show off their mechanical keyboards is with LED lights.

But that’s not all. 

From unique fonts to colors to even symbols and shapes instead of numbers and letters, the options when it comes to customized keycaps are pretty endless.

As we mentioned earlier, we make our own designs and sell them in the Gamer Bias shop.

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