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Why You Should Lube Your Switches

It’s one of the most frustrating things about gaming: When you want to turn on your console, controller or keyboard, but nothing happens. The solution is to lubricate your switches, but there are millions of different switches made by millions of manufacturers and lubricants that work for just one. 


Why Lube Your Switches?

  • Improved Acoustics
  • Smoother Actuation
  • Less Rattle
  • Less Scratchiness
  • Reduced Tactile Bump
  • Fun & Therapeutic


Lubricating your switches helps reduce the friction and make them easier to press. This will give you a better gaming experience. Another benefit of lubrication is that it reduces the amount of noise on the switch. Lubricating your switches also makes them smoother and less prone to clattering around in your keyboard or controller when you turn it off. 

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